Thursday, 1 November 2012

Mordheim Vampire Hunters NPCs: Gustav, scout

Another conversion for the Vampire hunters campaign, gustav the scout, here is a snipiet from the wargame weaver's campaign rules found here.

Into the encampments surrounding Mordheim comes a hardened Kislevite scout. His name is Gustav, and he has spent the past five years in Ostermark, Stirland, Mordheim and even Sylvania acting on behalf of his native land. He comes looking for a few warbands to fulfill a desperate mission. 

A small town almost two hundred miles to the east of Mordheim, called Nachtdorf, has been a safe harbor for Gustav over the past years. This town is threatened by a powerful foe, and there is no law remaining in Ostermark that can aid them. A powerful vampire has crept into southern Ostermark from Sylvania.

Many of its citizens have fled north, but several score remain, and it is to aid these intrepid souls that Gustav searches for heroes.

Gustav is familiar with Strangulf’s weaknesses from his time spying in Sylvania. He knows that Strangulf is the type of vampire that must sleep in a coffin containing his native soil, and he shares a native land with Carstein – far to the east. Gustav knows that Strangulf brought five coffins with him to Ostermark, along with coffins for his three mistresses.

Gustav is a survivor. He carries a handgun, a bow, axe, and dagger. He also has a telescope (+d6” range, hiddenx3) and a riding horse. He has the skills Ride Horse and Horse Archer. He has a permanent Rosewood Stake. 
The conversion is based on a Privateer press Khador figure with parts from the empire archers / huntsmen kit.


  1. Very nice. I thought about using some of the woodsmen to flesh out my EotD Wulfen faction

    1. Cheers

      I haven't held any of the EotD figs in person, I havea feeling that the PP figs would be quite a lot bigger than WW figs. Of course being burley woodsmen types this may not be such a big deal for you :).

  2. Beauty. I think often times the best compliment that a converter can receive is that the model looks like something you could buy from GW. This model the way its converted, looks like that.

    1. I'm not so happy with the left shoulder, I would have though the vampiress looked more like a stock model myself but there we go :P.

      I also need to add a handgun... when I can fine on lol.

      Cheers for the comment.