Monday, 5 November 2012

MODheim: Northlanders (PiP)

Appologies for the pretty rubbish photo.... it doesn't do the paint work any justice... I mean I painted it so it's not great, but it's better than the photo suggests lol.

Still a work in progress but i've almost finished a couple of heroes for the Northlander faction.
These guys are designed to appear more tough and rugged than the southlanders, though they still can use swords (see previous northlander entry).

The conversions are made up of:
1 x Privateer press steelhead halberdier body (guy on left) 1x torso (guy on right)
3x Privateer press Steelhead halberdier arms, one arm from steelhead heavy cav.
1x GW Empire militia legs with OOP empire soldier kit armour plating (guy on right)
Guy on the right's head is from the GW empire greatswords kit.
The guy on the right's backpack is from a Warzone plastic figure.
The guy on the left's head is from the GW Bretonnia men at arms kit (helmet was filed into a different shape though).
The club is from a GW Beastman Ungor if I recall correctly.

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  1. oooo shiny. Really like these nice and tough looking fighters