Friday, 26 October 2012

Some old Warmachine Warjack piccies

Well i'm in the UK and Winter is very definitely coming... this means that there is no light to take photos of anything when I get home, not that I've achieved a whole greal deal of anything to take photos of.

I didn't manage to find any archive conversions to post up so instead here are my old merc jacks, I got as far as below on these and then haven;t touched them since. They are presently sitting in some foam wondering if they will ever see the light of day again (if I will ever use my non-dwarf mercs again). They certainly haven't been out for any excursions since MK2 hit the shelves (long before then in fact).

Talon light warjack (the only good thing about this jack is how cheap it is lol).

Mule Heavy warjack that steam cannon can cause havoc for the enemy should the mule role up a critical hit, that mace isn't particularily friendly either.....

Vanguard "light" warjack, this alrounder jack excels at defence but with a cannon in it's sheild and that massive pole weapon it's not too shaby at attacking either given the right support.

I painted them green and white to go with my Ashlyn who I think i've used maybe twice. I  then picked up the pirate captain Bart who I think i've used... erm once. Then I got the mustache... sorry I mean Drake Macbain, who i've still yet to use.... so my non-dwarf mercs don't get a lot of love basically...

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  1. Nice work on these dude. I like the colour scheme it goes with the gold/brass colour quite well.