Wednesday, 3 October 2012

MODheim: Terrortoise Update (PIP) last one (for a while)

And here he is, the last one from this batch, the "Bonehead" (one of the heroes) 

The reason I put the ridges on his head is the push cast of this one didn't come out so well compared to the others, he actually had a recess in his head, so I set about filling it and partway through decided the ridges in the putty looked cool... so I made more them :).

I ended up using the wrong orange on this guy, so he's actually had a wash of P3 red ink which has given him a far darker skin tone compared to the rest, but I think it works well on him and come off prery cool. I also toned down the markings on this one, he still has the spots on the shoulder, neck and legs that the rest of them have, just not as many. Again the eyes still need finishing.

Well that brings me up to four terrortoise, I have the parts ready for another 4 more, but I really must tone down the sunburn on my Dwarves first.... assuming I don't get carried away with another race i'm working on lol.


  1. He looks great, If he is a hero surely his skin would be different coloured as he is destined for greatness

    1. Cheers, yep I have no problem with the differing skin colour, due to the naff nature of my orange paints at the moment, I doubt any of the 4 terrortoise I have painted to date are actually the exact same tone LOL.

  2. I love the overall "look" of these guys - proper thugs. I can see them harassing travellers at a river crossing.