Sunday, 14 October 2012

MODheim: Birdmen (WIP)

Well I promised some Kroot and here we are, 2 new kroot to join the other guy (all now waiting on the modelling table for some greenstuff).

I decided that presuming the kroot have similar stats to their 40k counter parts (and their stats do make sense due to their size) then they would be glass hammers, fast and strong but not very tough. Therefore the obvious choice for me is the spear, for those that have not played Mordheim it allows them to get a hit in before the attacker gets to strike, taking advantage of their higher strength to hopefully bring down the attacker before they get to hit.

The guy on the right will have something under his foot....

The parts used for the conversion so far are:
GW Kroot (bodies, arms, heads, legs)
GW OOP skeleton spear
GW Wood elf glade guard or riders bow (the archer will have a cloak from the same kit before he's done too)

The Kroot have 4 "fingers" which means their hands are symmetrical, this makes it possible to use left hands on the right and vice verse (thankfully as there aren't that many different hand options in the kroot kit!).

I generally do all my gluing with superglue, I prefer the speed at which it sets , the fact it doesn't leave and obvious "film" over the model if you spill it and the fact that you can snap parts apart if its in the wrong place or you decide to change the hands. For these guys however I have started to use plastic glue, for the legs and weapons, there are just too many tiny joins here and the plastic glues ability to melt the parts together does help add strength to the figures.

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  1. Nice really like where you are going with these guys