Monday, 27 August 2012

MODheim: Bloodcap Gnomes update

Another hero finished for the Bloodcap gnome warband.

Conversion is made up of: 
Avatars of war Legs, Torso & Beard.
GW Flagellent Whip, chains and key.
GW OOP High elf dragon knight lance hand guard (dug out of my scrap metal bag lol).
GW OOP Night goblin head
GW Chaos warrior cloak / shoulder guard trimming (left over from a previous conversion) .
GW Dryad Branch bit (base adornment - used to extend the hood).
Greenstuff & 30mm base.

 As a Mordheim campaign is imminent at the Worthing club (W Sussex, UK), i'm looking to use the gnomes as "Black Dwarves" from the border town burning Mordheim supplement. Therefore looking at the weapons available to black dwarves I noted the steel whip was an option for them. I liked that idea so I used it in the last hero below.

The Black dwarves list only has 4 heroes, the sorcerer (check), 2 gaolers (hence the key (check)), and a bull centaur.... (crud). Now I have to come up with a cool idea for a Gnome equivelent of a large fast moving combat hero... any ideas?


  1. Excellent conversion, I love it. The night goblin head with the Avatar's of war beard is nothing short of genius.

    1. Thank you, just natural progreassion from my Dwarf hammerer conversions (AoW beards on OOP dwarf saxon helmets).

      Actually they aren't on this blog anywhere.... i'll have to remedy that at some point.

  2. Excellent, I do love these gnomes you are building.