Saturday, 12 May 2012

MODheim: Blood Gnomes

The Blood Gnomes are vicious little creatures, small and yet ferocious and deadly with it.
They have a tradition of soaking thier caps in the blood of their victims, hence their dirty red colour.

The Gnomes are another warband being converted and painted by myself for my MODheim project. The models below are Gnome Blood cap beserkers, there are pictures here showing the models before painting and their current Paint in progress status.

The gnomes in this post were all converted from Avaters of War Dwarf beserker bodies and legs, with OOP Night goblin heads. The Night goblin heads were modified with beards from the OOP Dwarf warrior boxed set (6th edition warhammer). The weapon heads were cut from the end of the current dwarf warriors (I think might be thunderers) musician horn.

Blood Gnome Beserker Prototype

Blood Gnome beserker (cloak is an off cut from my bits box) - sorry about the flash

Picture of all 3 current gomes and shows the Beserker Champion at the bottom - again sorry about the flash
This picture shows al three gnomes in thier current mostly painted state

Paint in progress Beserker
Paint in progress Beserker

Paint in progress Beserker Champion

 I have purchased some bits which I hope I can use to make some less "tribal" looking gnomes for rest of the warband (they wont be all be beserker types).